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24- Sep2015
Posted By: Tim Ajayi

Top 10 Investors’ Investment Criteria

Investor’s investment criteria in rough order of importance for all investors

Source – Harvard Business School Division of Research

  1. Enthusiasm of entrepreneur

  2. Trustworthiness of the Entrepreneur

  3. Sales potential of the product

  4. Expertise of the Entrepreneur

  5. Investors liked entrepreneur upon meeting

  6. Perceived financial reward

  7. Growth potential of the market

  8. Quality of the Product

  9. Niche Market

  10. Track record of the entrepreneur


Angel groups expose entrepreneurs to a wide set of potential investors. At NewGate Capital Partners, our structured process facilitates a relatively quick and efficient investment decision. We provide insight through ongoing coaching and mentoring from seasoned entrepreneurs and executives.


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For the Complete list look below:


Investors' Investment Criteria HBR



09- Sep2015
Posted By: Tim Ajayi

What Make us Different: Our Business Network


What makes us different?


NewGate Capital?Partners has?cultivated?a business network of private equity buyers through the years. These private equity buyers are investors and funds that make investments directly into private companies or conduct buyouts of public companies. The capital for private equity can be used to fund new technologies, invest within an owned company, or make new acquisitions.

These groups of institutional investors are constantly looking for new opportunities of investments. When you reach?out?to us, we work as?your partner?to work with this extensive network of private equity?buyers.

As your business partner, our job is to provide expert advice. Our mission is to work with clients as partners, creating better strategies while minimizing risk.?In other words, we?only succeed?when?you do.


business network NEGOTIATION


You can reach us anytime for a consultation