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LocatorX – New CEO With A Focus On First Product To Market & Public Offering

LocatorX Looks To Be Found

Locator X which is developing innovative products for GPS Location services has just named a new CEO, Scott Fletcher, a 30 year IT veteran. Scott has worked in IT for large multinational companies and has also played an instrumental role in building and leading startup tech companies – both large and small. His previous work history includes, Shell, PeopleSoft (currently a part of Oracle), Dun & Bradstreet Software and more. Mr Fletcher plans will lead LocatorX as they continue to develop the net generation of GPS which incorporates the world’s first Solid-State Atomic Clock microchip.

As CEO, Mr. Fletcher lead the company through the following undertakings:

  • bringing the LocatorX’s first product to market
  • commence microchip production
  • launch the company’s major marketing campaign
  • pursue additional technology patents
  • continue the push forward for SEC Reg A+ Direct Public Offering.

The full official announcement from LocatorX can be read here.

Basic lesson on Valuation for a startup

This brief and yet informative lesson will show you? how to divide the ownership units of a startup as you raise capital.

Does not get any easier to explain than the way Sal (Khan Academy) does it.