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06- Aug2015
Posted By: Tim Ajayi

Thinking of Selling your Business

You are contemplating selling your business and don?t know where to start.

We suggest asking yourself some basic questions, start from there, and then talk with your trusted accountant and/or attorney.



The main question of all: Should I sell my business?confused about selling your business?


– What are the reasons you are selling?

-Why are you selling your business?
– Is my business ready to sell?
– Is the business profitable?
– What type of professionals do I need in my team?
– Are the current market conditions right?
– What?s the paperwork?
– What about taxes?


These are just a few of several questions you may have and that you need answers before selling a business.

Selling your business may be a daunting journey but it doesn’t have to be scary. You can have many reasons why you are considering selling, it may be burnout, retirement, health, it?s time to pursue other passions or you are leading a different direction in your life. Whatever it may be, NewGate Capital partners are here to assist you in the process. For us, each potential new client means the opportunity to provide something exceptional, focusing on important things like performance, integrity, and trust.
We are a team of Florida business brokers ready to assist you in selling your business. If you have more questions about how to sell a business, feel free to contact us anytime at

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15- Jul2015
Posted By: Joe Alvarez

So You Want to be in Business, Be an Owner, Master of your Own Destiny?

I love the way my partner, Steve, goes about explaining this.


Chicken or the Egg

So you want to be in business, be an owner, master of your own destiny?

The age old question in the title might be worth thinking about. Should you do a start-up with an egg or should you buy some chickens? A silly analogy? ?Maybe not.

Many people dream of starting a venture. I?ve helped several hundred wanna- be- entrepreneurs work through this process. Many come in with the egg in hand, delicate, carefully guarded and full of promise. Perhaps they?ve decorated the egg to make it look more attractive and more advanced than other eggs. Convinced that their egg is unique yet they really aren?t quite sure what it will be when it hatches. ?They rarely consider that it may not hatch at all. After a time of incubation where you?ve kept it warm and looked at it all hours of the night maybe even added a few more colors to it, it hatches.

You have a chick! They are furry, loud and ready to be fed. It was a chicken after all and you are very proud of this new creature, you probably give it a name even though you can?t tell whether it?s male or female (which is very difficult in young chicks). A few days later you realize that you?ll need another egg or have to buy another chicken to mate with yours or your precious egg, after lots of feed and care, will have provided you with 1-chicken dinner and be gone. Your great idea didn?t produce much and you really were never in business.

Of course you are smarter than that so you had several eggs or a partner who also had an egg that was compatible with your egg, Hmm, more about that another time. The point or question is: Did you save time or resources by starting with the egg versus buying some chickens. Both actions will get you to the same place. You thought the egg route would be simpler and cheaper. Let?s explore that.


Steve Ivey


NewGate Capital

10- Jun2015
Posted By: Brett Andrews

Ted talk on the single biggest reason why start-ups succeed

QUESTION: Which one of the reasons below does the Entrepreneur have the least amount of control over? Interesting…?

  1. Timing ????????42%
  2. Team/Execution ??32%
  3. Idea “Truth” Outlier 28%
  4. Business Model 24%
  5. Funding ????????????????????14%


From: “Ted talk on the single biggest reason why start-ups succeed:”

22- May2015
Posted By: Brett Andrews

Perspective Is Everything

Quote of the Day

If anyone is having a bad day, remember?that today in 1976, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple?for $800, now its worth $58,065,210,000

Perspective is Everything!

Perspective is everythng.

20- May2015
Posted By: Brett Andrews

Lesson for Coachable Entrepreneurs

Be careful how you (we) interpret things because you (we) are looking at the world with a bias.

Check out this video ?”The Backwards Brain Bicycle” a simple experiment of how the brain works.

Lesson for Coachable Entrepreneurs: Knowledge doesn’t equal understanding

Video Source:?SmarterEveryday


02- Apr2015
Posted By: Brett Andrews

Mentors Are The Secret Weapons Of Successful Startups. by Rhett Morris

Mentors Are The Secret Weapons Of Successful?Startups

Excerpt from Rhett Morris article:

..?I?ve probably revised this investor pitch deck 200 times,? a founder told me recently. She?d met with more than 50 potential investors before closing a seed round last month. This might sound excessive to some, but her experience is not unusual.

Entrepreneurs often spend hundreds of hours raising funds from angel and venture capital investors. While these activities are clearly important, analysis of new data on startups suggests that founders should also dedicate significant time to something that many people overlook: recruiting great mentors. This simple strategy can increase a company?s odds of success more than almost anything else..


Mentors Are The Secret Weapons Of Successful Startups

23- Feb2015
Posted By: Brett Andrews

Women – next wave of Angel Investors

Women – next wave of Angel Investors

Except from the article by Alicia Robb:

“Females have historically made up less than 15% of the angel investors in the United States. The University of New Hampshire?s Center for Venture Research estimated that women angels represented 19.4% of the angel market in 2014, which was a significant increase from the 12.2% number from just two years prior. Women-owned ventures accounted for 23% of the entrepreneurs that were seeking angel capital and 19% of those entrepreneurs that received angel investment in 2013.”

Women – next wave of Angel Investors, Entrepreneur Magazine

1)????? On a macro level, the biggest impact for getting more women on the investing side is to create more women entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are more likely to invest in other entrepreneurs, and the risk profiles of entrepreneurs match well to investing

2)????? Highlight women investors more often. Every time she sees an opportunity to talk about angel investing, she makes sure women are speaking, which also brings more women.

3)????? Any efforts to educate people outside of the startup community about angel investing would attract both men and women, and this would bring in investors who aren?t entrepreneurs.

06- Feb2015
Posted By: Brett Andrews
500 Views Launches New Products Launches MarketVUE? Buyer Conversion Program for Used Car Dealers, the company that pioneered range based vehicle pricing announces the release of MarketVUE? and TradeVUE? active market appraisal tools.


The best deals revealed

Our entire sales negotiation process starts and ends with – Clock Tower Auto Mall St. Augustine, FL (PRWEB) February 02, 2015

In order to maintain transparency, auto dealers are turning to automated systems to pull credible, third party data for their geographic area. has two new services that offer used car dealers an edge when evaluating vehicle prices. MarketVUE? uses real time market data to show all competing vehicles within a defined market along with inventory supply and demand and pricing analysis. Any dealer that is enrolled in the program will have the ability to see what other dealers have in stock and where their prices fall within the local averages. was the first to incorporate range pricing as an effective marketing tool for bringing buyers and sellers together.

?Our unique price reassurance program reduces sales negotiations and allows for a meeting of the minds between dealer and customer?, states CEO, Derek White. ?We understand that most buyers require validation before they make a purchase. Why not provide that validation on the dealer?s own website, rather than risk losing the customer to another site that offers it??, he adds.

Clock Tower Auto Mall, an independent dealership and customer has not only embraced these principles, but they?re rebuilding their website entirely based upon the platform. ?We are experiencing excellent results with, states Clint Jones, Clock Tower?s owner and GM. Jones says ?We provide every website visitor a pricing report and market analysis, which reduces the time we spend explaining where our price came from. Our entire sales negotiation process starts and ends with

After a year in development, has finally launched TradeVUE?, an instant vehicle appraisal for consumers – accessible right from the dealer?s website. TradeVUE? provides a simple method for consumers to appraise their vehicle in just 3 easy steps. Each time a new appraisal is received, collects information from the customer and sends it to the dealer for follow up. ?Our TradeVUE? is a great way for dealers to provide value to their website visitors while also collecting pertinent contact information within a low stress environment?, says White.

In addition to these recently introduced products, provides consumer facing price validation on dealer websites and vehicle marketing via as a part of their MarketVUE? suite. The cost for the entire program starts at just $79 per month, or $699 for an entire year. In an effort to ?level the playing field? for independent dealers, is providing early adopter pricing along with a free 60-day trial.

About provides intelligent consumer facing buying reassurance products to auto dealers, which includes independent price validation and appraisals using proprietary Value Range Price? technology. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in St. Augustine, Florida.

16- Jan2015
Posted By: Brett Andrews

The Rules For Being Amazing


The Rules For Being Amazing


The Rules For Being Amazing, Everyday…

Inspirational Ideas

By?Robin Sharma

Risk is required. Learn more than more than is normal. Be strong. Show courage. Breathe. Excel. Love. ?Lead. Speak your truth. Live your values. Laugh. Cry. Innovate. Simplify. ?Adore mastery. ?Release mediocrity. ?Aim for genius. Stay humble. Be kinder than expected. Deliver more than is needed. Exude passion. Shatter your limits. Transcend your fears. Inspire others by your bigness. Dream big but start small. Act now. Don?t stop. Change the world. ….


27- Aug2014
Posted By: Brett Andrews

HBS Graduates About Startups

Harvard Business School Graduates

Excerpt From Wallstreet Journal Article,


wallstreet journal Startups



How an Entrepreneur’s Passion Can Destroy a Startup

Strong Feelings Can Lead Founders to Make Bad Choices at the Worst Times. Here’s What to Watch For.