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How To Find Business Investors?

Here’s a surprising statistic: Each year, angel groups invest more money in early-stage companies than all venture capital combined. Why? Angel groups expose entrepreneurs to a wider set of potential business investors. So where can you find private investors?

Winter Park Angels is one of the oldest angel groups in Florida, however, it’s a bit different than the rest. Realizing that investor preference can vary dramatically in terms of deal size, industry, stage and other criteria, NewGate brings vetted opportunities to individuals within the group based on their preferences.

Each individual then makes their own decision on whether or not, and at what level, they want to get involved in a given deal. As an added benefit, NewGate looks to provide insight through ongoing coaching and mentoring from seasoned entrepreneurs and executives.

We encourage you to read Angel Investing 101 and 4 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do Before Meeting an Investor to start thinking about some of the questions angels often ask.

Angels typically invest between $25,000 and $250,000 per transaction individually and up to $2 million in the case of a syndicated group. Angels are patient investors, with an average holding term of 5 years. For the risk inherent in early-stage companies, angels seek deals with returns of at least ten times their investment.

Follow the link for more on general investment criteria to submit a funding application and to learn about how to buy and sell businesses.

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