Attacking Food Waste:

FreshSurety’s technology converts any box, carton or bag into a “Smart Container”, a self-contained chemistry laboratory. Using this data we apply five proprietary algorithms to reveal the invisible state of perishable foods and natural/clean label ingredients allowing users to make an informed choice about their inventory and reduce waste.

Our Business Model: Make Freshness Sensors cheap enough to give away and sell freshness analysis.

Problem – Visually humans can’t determine the condition of perishable products and for Supply Chain managers decisions must be made on huge volumes of product at high velocity.

FreshSurety’s proprietary technology and algorithms answer three questions 1) How fresh are my stored perishable products? 2) How long will these products stay fresh? 3) Are there any problems with my stored perishable products? Simply by revealing the invisible, FreshSurety both decreases waste and keeps everyone safer. By measuring certain targeted chemical actors we report the current freshness condition of both food products and natural/clean label ingredients. We also predict a products future condition 6 days in advance.

For Supply Chain Managers our real-time analysis gives insight to the invisible state of foods and natural/clean label ingredients so managers can make an informed choice about their inventory and reduce waste. In real perishable supply chains our system increases Forecast Accuracy by 50%, boosts Actual Availability of Goods by 40% and halves Inventory Levels.

In the home our products works inside of refrigerators, measuring stored foods remaining nutrition so people can make better choices of when to best consume their foods based on its actual measured state. Also, our system alarms if Microbial Contamination is detected.

Our technology allows for automated real-time sampling of high risk perisiable stocks to a customer determined Acceptable Quality Level, AQL, at a 95% quality confidence level. Without FreshSurety technology only very low confidence level <10%, (meaningless) quality inspection plans are possible. Because these plans have limited value, they are simply not performed, rendering the condition of stocks invisible and dangerous.

Our technology has been demonstrated to successfully predict perishable freshness outcomes days in advance. Competing solutions based on time & temperature technology are only right 16% of the time. FreshSurety’s algorithms correctly label bad food as bad 99.3% of the time. Our end-to-end system reduces food waste by over 1.5 tons per million dollars of retail value for Supply Chains over 5 days long and allows for automated real-time sampling of perishable stock at a 95% quality confidence level. We have gathered the world’s largest machine learning/AI training sets of perishable foods and have made many food freshness discoveries previously unknown to science.

The scientists and engineers of FreshSurety have over 120 years of combined technical and business experience working on programs for defense customers and DARPA. We put our skills to work to create a new food freshness sensor that doesn’t require a degree in chemistry to use. Working with food economists we built a new end-to-end system that senses the freshness of perishable foods, working in real-time, automatically, 24 X 7 X 365.