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When deciding to put your business for sale, there are many factors that you must consider and plan for in advance. While your current structure and management might meet your needs they might not be the best suited for a quick and profitable sale. As the owner of the business, your goal is to make as much money as you can in the shortest amount of time possible. With this end goal in mind let’s examine a few areas of your business that could be fine tuned in the effort of maximizing your profit.

Lead Management Team

The goal of every growing business is to structure itself in such a way that the owner does not have to be involved in every single aspect. Having a great executive team will not only help you maximize your income but it will also serve as a reminder to prospective buyers that the business can operate successfully without your involvement.  Scott Humphrey is the Executive Director and Head of U.S. Mergers & Acquisitions of BMO Capital; he says, In the case of an existing owner, the buyer needs to come in and not only get comfortable with the business but ensure the business will continue to grow without the owner. This increases risk greatly.

Middle Management Team Structure

While the executive team in any business is vital to the success of the company, the most overlooked aspect of the management team is the middle management areas. Perspective buyers are looking for a business that has a solid foundation from which to pull future executives. Further, middle management is typically the team that delivers the day to day results that drive the business. When putting your business up for sale it is imperative that your company is bolstered with a solid middle management team.

Financial Information

While most businesses are adept at keeping their inner financial information secret, this is not going to be possible with a purchase in the near future. The common practice is to make sure you have at least 2 years of audited records to showcase the strengths of the business. Additionally, before your business becomes listed for sale, it is important to make sure you have separated any holdings that you would like to keep or sell at a later time. Examples could include items such as real estate.


Clients are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, the business will fall apart and all of your employees would be left jobless. Buyers need to know what the customer base looks like and how diversified it really is. An example for this can be seen in our business portfolio. If your company is based on a single large relationship then your bottom line could be adversely affected simply because of how damaging it would be if that client were to leave.

As the time approaches for you to make your business available for purchase you are going to be attacked from all sides with a plethora of information. Making sure you have the right information, as well as the right strategy, will help create an environment where your business transaction runs smoothly and you end up very profitable. Make sure you follow these tips as you set up your sale for the business.

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