06- Feb2015
Posted By: Brett Andrews

Autosaver.com Launches New Products

AutoSaver.com Launches MarketVUE? Buyer Conversion Program for Used Car Dealers

AutoSaver.com, the company that pioneered range based vehicle pricing announces the release of MarketVUE? and TradeVUE? active market appraisal tools.


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Our entire sales negotiation process starts and ends with AutoSaver.com – Clock Tower Auto Mall St. Augustine, FL (PRWEB) February 02, 2015

In order to maintain transparency, auto dealers are turning to automated systems to pull credible, third party data for their geographic area. AutoSaver.com has two new services that offer used car dealers an edge when evaluating vehicle prices. MarketVUE? uses real time market data to show all competing vehicles within a defined market along with inventory supply and demand and pricing analysis. Any dealer that is enrolled in the program will have the ability to see what other dealers have in stock and where their prices fall within the local averages. AutoSaver.com was the first to incorporate range pricing as an effective marketing tool for bringing buyers and sellers together.

?Our unique price reassurance program reduces sales negotiations and allows for a meeting of the minds between dealer and customer?, states AutoSaver.com CEO, Derek White. ?We understand that most buyers require validation before they make a purchase. Why not provide that validation on the dealer?s own website, rather than risk losing the customer to another site that offers it??, he adds.

Clock Tower Auto Mall, an independent dealership and AutoSaver.com customer has not only embraced these principles, but they?re rebuilding their website entirely based upon the AutoSaver.com platform. ?We are experiencing excellent results with AutoSaver.com?, states Clint Jones, Clock Tower?s owner and GM. Jones says ?We provide every website visitor a pricing report and market analysis, which reduces the time we spend explaining where our price came from. Our entire sales negotiation process starts and ends with AutoSaver.com.?

After a year in development, AutoSaver.com has finally launched TradeVUE?, an instant vehicle appraisal for consumers – accessible right from the dealer?s website. TradeVUE? provides a simple method for consumers to appraise their vehicle in just 3 easy steps. Each time a new appraisal is received, AutoSaver.com collects information from the customer and sends it to the dealer for follow up. ?Our TradeVUE? is a great way for dealers to provide value to their website visitors while also collecting pertinent contact information within a low stress environment?, says White.

In addition to these recently introduced products, AutoSaver.com provides consumer facing price validation on dealer websites and vehicle marketing via AutoSaver.com as a part of their MarketVUE? suite. The cost for the entire program starts at just $79 per month, or $699 for an entire year. In an effort to ?level the playing field? for independent dealers, AutoSaver.com is providing early adopter pricing along with a free 60-day trial.

About AutoSaver.com

AutoSaver.com provides intelligent consumer facing buying reassurance products to auto dealers, which includes independent price validation and appraisals using proprietary Value Range Price? technology. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in St. Augustine, Florida.