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Sell a Business Successfully

Some hurdles to  consider when selling a business According to a recent survey 6 in 10 business owners are looking to sell a business in the next year alone. This is a sharp rise from other years and many are placing the blame on baby boomers that are looking to retire or simply move on […]

How to Market Your Company for Sale

For many small business owners, the desire to sell a company is not very strong. However, there do come times when it is necessary or it is simply time to move on and market your company for sale. Yet navigating the waters of selling a business can be harder than trying to start the business. […]

How Do You Make Your Company Sale-Ready from the Beginning

When starting a company your goal is to eventually grow and sell it for more money than you could ever imagine! That is the goal of many entrepreneurs, to make their companies sale-ready, and yet very few make the needed changes to achieve that goal. The most common mistake is failing to lay the groundwork […]

How to Exit a Company Successfully

Many people will say, ?I want to sell my company?, and yet they have no idea the amount of legwork and research that must go into this transaction. Selling a business is hard work and demands that a team of professionals is on board. There are thousands of businesses for sale all over the world […]

Buying and Selling Business: An Overview

What to know when buying or selling a business Over 250,000 businesses change hands every single year. The majority of these businesses are small but a few are mid to large companies. The small business sales never make the news but we tend to hear about the billion dollar acquisitions of the fortune 500 firms. […]

3 Reasons You Should Sell Your Business

Many business owners and entrepreneurs have found themselves asking the question of should I sell my company? It is a hard question to answer because so much goes into the building, growing, and structuring of a company. When it does come time to sell your business there are so many variables that the process can […]

Digital Disruption: How It Changes A Business

What exactly is Digital Disruption? Today digital technologies are influencing the evolution of successful business models. Digital disruption is the change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services. Digital disruption has already happened and will continue happening; changing the way business interacts with customers […]

Top 10 Investors’ Investment Criteria

Investor’s investment criteria in rough order of importance for all investors Source – Harvard Business School Division of Research Enthusiasm of entrepreneur Trustworthiness of the Entrepreneur Sales potential of the product Expertise of the Entrepreneur Investors liked entrepreneur upon meeting Perceived financial reward Growth potential of the market Quality of the Product Niche Market Track […]