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Why EBITDA is Not Cash Flow

Why EBITDA is Not Cash Flow on?January 28, 2014?by?Cody Boyte   There is often a misconception that EBITDA is synonymous with cash flow. While most seasoned deal professionals are careful to remember the distinction, some company owners (or entry-level analysts) can benefit from a friendly reminder. The EBITDA metric gained prominence with the arrival of […]

5 Signs You?re A Wantrepreneur

Posted on?November 13, 2013?by??Jeetbanerjee   Wantrepreneurs are individuals that desire to be an entrepreneur, but aren?t one yet. Don?t be embarrassed if you are in the wantrepreneur stage because it?s a place where many individuals find themselves stuck at. A terrible thing would be to a wantrepreneur without even knowing so. You must first figure […]

Investing in Startups has Increased Significantly Over Recent Years

RockThePost?s 2013 Investor Trends Survey reveals interesting insights into the changing investment landscape and investment attitudes among private investors today compared to 10 years ago. Upcoming regulatory changes with the JOBS Act will further shape the investment world, allowing investors to invest in private companies for the first time in 80 years regardless of income […]

Persistence – Over 30% of leads are never contacted at all

PERSISTENCE Info-graphic Over 30% of leads are never contacted at all. By just making a few more calls attempts, sales reps can experience up to a 70% increase in contact rates.

Where Startup Capital Comes From

Startup Capital Sources Friends and Family — $60BB Venture Capital — $22BB Angel Investors  — $20BB Banks — $14BB Crowd funding — $5.1BB   Where Startup Capital Comes From: Friends and family, venture capital, Angel investors, banks, crowdfunding.    

A case for logistics turbocharged, as demonstrated in the Amazon Warehouse

Wikipediia defines ?”Logistics“?as the management?of the flow of resources?between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet some requirements, for example, of customers or corporations. Here is a?fascinating?look “under the hood” as to how Amazon does it.

Get on the roller-coaster ride of an Entrepreneur – Rider

Entrepreneur – Rider beware! All Entrepreneurs suffer from wild emotional rides building their dream. This particular piece happens to be ?a very cool video depicting the highs and LOWS of an entrepreneur. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:        

Case Study: Is having a mergers and acquisition necessary for the Client?

NewGate represents a historically profitable firm with partners that have different goals and objectives. Our company was retained to test the waters by performing a confidential national (including Canada and parts of Europe) custom search campaign. After reaching out to over 800 qualified contacts from a pool of both Private Equity Groups (these groups have […]