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Why EBITDA is Not Cash Flow

Why Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) is Not Cash Flow Published  by Axial  November 2013 by Cody Boyte   There is often a misconception that EBITDA is synonymous with cash flow. While most seasoned deal professionals are careful to remember the distinction, some company owners (or entry-level analysts) can benefit from a […]

Investing in Startups has Increased Significantly Over Recent Years

Investment changes you should be aware of Rock The Post’s 2013 Investor Trends Survey reveals interesting insights into the changing investment landscape and investment attitudes among private investors today compared to 10 years ago. Upcoming regulatory changes with the JOBS Act will further shape the investment world, allowing investors to invest in private companies for […]

Case Study: Is having a mergers and acquisition necessary for the Client?

NewGate Capital Partners improved Clients’ Net Present Value   NewGate represents a historically profitable firm with partners that have different goals and objectives. Our company was retained to test the waters by performing a confidential national (including Canada and parts of Europe) custom search campaign. After reaching out to over 800 qualified contacts from a […]