January 2015

Orlando Business Quantum Dielectrics – January 2015 – status report

Everyone says they want to make the world a safer place; we actually.

We present an abbreviated update from one of the founders, Marc Rippen?on an Orlando business.

..What has driven Quantum Dielectrics to target the cold storage market is our understanding that there is a need for?better granularity for temperature sensor tracking and?logging of products as they are transported from field to?store. ?We also?believe that there is?an additional?need to monitor specific compounds such as Ethylene, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor and other analytes of interest. ?We believe that due to cost and contamination issues,?present technologies are not practical for cartoon level monitoring. We offer a viable solution to this challenge making this a very innovative business in Orlando.

We have a patent on the gain enabled field effect transistor technology; this is what we will be applying on the gas/temperature sensor side of things. We demonstrated this technology at the conceptual design level and had the technology validation /?vetting?done by Dr. Scott Thompson who holds the INTEL chair at the UF college of engineering, EE department?who did a lot of work while at?Intel in developing their Field Effect Transistor technologies.

For cold storage, we propose to?use this technology to enable a printable organic based??sensor chip? that is very inexpensive to produce. This makes it possible to monitor things economically at the cartoon level or even at the product level. ?We have a ?3d metamaterial printing patent, this enables us to print inexpensive antenna, sensor elements,?and other electronic components. We have?actually printed prototype antenna elements using a standard commercial 3D printer. We would use some other printing technologies in addition as needed for various components of our system.

Another critical piece of technology is our RF communications protocol and system, that allows for us to simultaneously and discreetly monitor each sensor in real time. We have filed for a patent on that as well to be a patented business in Orlando.


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The Rules For Being Amazing


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