May 2014

Twitch Technologies brings touch typing to tablets

Dennis Page, Founder of? Twitch Technologies,?shares his thoughts on the?history of the keyboard and its limitations with iPads and the like:

“One of the main limitations of the iPad’s usefulness, in the everyday business world, is its user interface. To fully ?appreciate ?this, we need to go back in time. By the 1870’s, QWERTY had been already established as the default typewriter keyboard layout. When touch typing was invented in the 1880’s, the sales of typewriters took off and touch typing on QWERTY was here to stay.??

Touch typing, whether on a typewriter or computer keyboard, really is a pretty amazing thing. Touch typing is a kind of what experts call, a “cognitive automaticity”, akin to walking, eating, riding a bike. Its a “muscle memory”, ?something you can do without thinking about it. People trained in touch typing are able to do higher order thinking, even while typing. People are able to type at the speed of thought. ?

The problem is: touch typing does not work on small devices. On small devices, even the most accomplished typists often resort to a freestyle “hunt and peck” methodology.

Twitch is a significant improvement, in that it allows people to regain cognitive automaticity.”

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