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Invest in Startups

Invest in early stage startups that are disrupting their respective industries and have potential to earn a return that exceeds the market return.

Buy or Sell a Business

We work closely with Florida business owners to craft a personalized plan and execute an effective sale of their business in a confidential manner.

Angel Investing

We provide both advisory services and outside capital to startups to help entrepreneurs move their company to the next level.

Why Choose NewGate Capital Partners

NewGate’s founding partners have been part of the Orlando and Central Florida community for decades; building on the successes of their own businesses and leveraging their knowledge and expertise to help others realize their full potential. NewGate has the knowledge and local connections to help you reach your business and investment goals.

Our experience includes helping business owners position their business for a sale and to sell the business through our expertise with a broad base of businesses, industries and investors. Additionally, we provide start-up companies with mentoring, advisory services and equity to move their company to the next level. We also connect our network of investors with start-ups that are looking for capital.

Who We Are

At NewGate, each potential new client is an opportunity to provide exceptional value. Whether it be incubating, fundraising or facilitating the sale of a mature business, NewGate believe it is critical to perform with integrity and trust.

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Meet our Partners and learn more about NewGate Capital Partners’ objectives and commitment.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

In today’s business climate it is a necessity to find a good firm to help navigate and assist in raising capital and/or buying or selling a business. Newgate Capital is such a firm.

Elizabeth Brandon-Brown

NewGate has been a true partner in our journey, often taking time and expense to travel with me (even out of state) to meet with prospective partners or investors – and closing several deals. NewGate’s partnership is the best asset we have acquired to date.

Doug Shuntich


Latest Articles

Startups Are The Asset Class Your Portfolio Is Missing

Angel investing sounds like an area of investing that is reserved for millionaires and billionaires. On top of that, it seems much too risky for regular investors. However, it turns out that if you apply the power of diversification and basic business principles, this asset class can be a great addition to your portfolio. What [...]

Reduce Food Wastage/ Detect Food Contamination/ Detect Mycotoxins

Attacking Food Waste: FreshSurety’s technology converts any box, carton or bag into a “Smart Container”, a self-contained chemistry laboratory. Using this data we apply five proprietary algorithms to reveal the invisible state of perishable foods and natural/clean label ingredients allowing users to make an informed choice about their inventory and reduce waste. Our Business Model: […]

Biotech and Medtech are two buzz word industries to be on the lookout for in the M&A space during 2020

Both of these industries have been taking off in the last decade, with an estimation that the global market for Biotech is going to surpass $775 billion within the next 4 years. These estimations coming off the backs of companies making substantial progress within the spaces of human organ growth, lab grown plants, as well […]

Financial Technology On The Move!

The Financial Technology (FinTech) space has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. 10 years ago if you mentioned the word “FinTech” in a conversation you would have been met with blank stares. These days though, it’s one of the fastest growing sectors within early stage investing, and people cannot get enough of it. In […]


Client Spotlight

threatlocker logo

ThreatLocker, Inc.

ThreatLocker has developed an application whitelisting solution that allows businesses to control exactly what is running on their systems while giving them complete visibility.


SecureAire, Inc.

SecureAire has developed today’s most comprehensive Indoor Air Quality System for both commercial and residential use. At the core of their systems, SecureAire utilizes their patented Particle Control Technology to remove all indoor air quality contaminants.

locatorx logo

LocatorX, Inc.

LocatorX is developing the Global Resource Locator (GRL). More accurate than GPS, no power required, costs pennies to make and it can be embedded in existing silicon or printed labels.

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