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NewGate Capital Partners make things happen in a win-win environment. Day in and day out, we do more than facilitate start-up opportunities and secure investors we build partnerships.

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We’ve built a reputation for working with business owners to help plan and execute an effective sale of their business in a confidential and hands-on manner that builds confident partnerships.

Angel Investing

Winter Park Angels is one of the oldest angel groups in Florida, however, it’s a bit different than the rest. Realizing that investor preference can vary dramatically in terms of deal size,


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At NewGate, each potential new client means only one thing: the opportunity to provide something exceptional. Whether it be incubating, fundraising or facilitating the sale of a mature business, NewGate focuses on important things like performance, integrity and trust.

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LocatorX, Inc.

LocatorX, Inc. is developing the Global Resource Locator (GRL). More accurate than GPS, no power required, costs pennies to make and it can be embedded in existing silicon or printed labels.