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Get on the roller-coaster ride of an Entrepreneur – Rider

Entrepreneur – Rider beware!

All Entrepreneurs suffer from wild emotional rides building their dream.

This particular piece happens to be  a very cool video depicting the highs and LOWS of an entrepreneur.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Entrepreneur Rollercoaster






  • October 27, 2015

    I am in the business of initnevsg in ideas. It always amazes me when entrepreneurs approach me with broken English, half baked ideas and evasive messages. Often the poor businessman is thinking if I explain my idea will be stolen. That rarely actually happens. When I ask entrepreneurs why they put together such poorly worded (bad grammar) proposals, they often say some variation of I didn’t know I was in front of the investment community audience yet! News flash: you are ALWAYS in front of potential investors. You may not recognize it but you are. I wear blue jeans, drive a 2008 Lexus, wear bowling shirts and am a normal guy. If it were not for my Submariner watch, I give no clues about my net worth. When my friends learn how much money I have invested in various businesses they are shocked. So when acquaintances tell me their ideas, I am interested as a friend. But I am always shopping for new ideas as an investor. Advice: always assume you are in front of investors. Polish your pitch so you can blurt it out in two minutes or less. If I don’t get it in two minutes, your clients will not get it either. I say this with humility and candor. I have a question for the esteemed BLOGGER: what is your academic background? You have said many things with which I agree. One of those is: trust a guy with real business experience. So I was wondering about your business education. I am not criticizing AT ALL. I agree with most of what you blog.


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