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Doing Business in an Internet World

We wanted to share with you this quote from

 Wired Magazine September edition

Wire magazine September cover


“Since the days of the first web browser businesses have felt the pressure to go online. But today the Internet connects the cities we live in and the appliances we use.  It’s how we watch TV, listen to music, hail rides, trade stocks, chat with doctors, educate kids, store files, and shop for groceries.”  

The Internet is no longer just one aspect of doing business; it’s the core of how business works—the essential infrastructure of the global economy.

Internet Quote

The internet has become an essential part of our lives not only in business but also how we communicate with our peers in a daily basis. Today, new generations are growing up in an electronic world, having access to computers and mobile devices from a young age. Businesses can’t ignore that and must have a presence online through websites, social media and e-commerce to keep competitive. What’s next? we will see what new gadgets bring on shaping the future of our daily lives and the global economy.

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