5 Signs You’re A Wantrepreneur

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Wantrepreneur aspiring to be an entrepreneur


Wantrepreneurs are individuals that desire to be an entrepreneur, but aren’t one yet. Don’t be embarrassed if you are in the wantrepreneur stage because it’s a place where many individuals find themselves stuck at.

A terrible thing would be to a wantrepreneur without even knowing so. You must first figure out the problem before you can find the solution.

Here are 5 signs you’re a wantrepreneur instead of an entrepreneur:

1. You Talk, But Never Act

We all know that one person who tells us that they have the next million dollar idea, but they never do anything about it. Ideas are 1% while execution is 99% of the game. A billion dollar idea is worth nothing if it’s still an idea.

Work hard in silence and let success make the noise. Nobody will take you serious as an entrepreneur until you put your thoughts and ideas into action. If you’re going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.

How To Overcome: Stop talking about your ideas with people and start showing them. You’ll never know how great your ideas and thoughts are until you put them into action. 

2. You Make Excuses

I’ve got a bunch of friends that have big entrepreneurial dreams, but they never get started. I ask them why and they shoot out a variety of different excuses. It seems like they put more thought behind their excuses than they do their business ideas.

School, money, time, responsibilities, family, activities, and all other excuses are just obstacles. You can’t expect to find time, you have to make time if you really want to become an entrepreneur.

How To Overcome: Instead of making excuses, take action. You can prolong your business ideas as much as you want, but tomorrow will still have similar barriers. 


3. You Keep Asking People To Read Over Your Business Plan

I’m going to say this publicly, business plans don’t mean shit. They’re an overrated document hyped up by colleges so that they have something to teach you about at business school. I’ve never written a formal business plan in the last 4 years.

If you’re putting your ideas into writing hoping for someone to read over it, you’re a wantrepreneur. Your business plan just like your idea doesn’t mean shit until it’s put into action. See the common theme? You have to take action to be an entrepreneur.

How To Overcome: Stop pestering people about your business plan because it’s just a waste of paper. Certain parts of a business plan are good for organizing your thoughts, but they should be for your use only.


4. Your Goal List Has Nothing Crossed Off

New Years resolutions are the funniest things. Most people make an amazing list of goals and resolutions only to forget about them by the middle of January. Just because you set goals doesn’t mean you’re an entrepreneur.

If you have a large list of goals that aren’t getting done, you aren’t progressing forward. You must be getting ahead in order to progress in life. Entrepreneurs make goals and crush them!

How To Overcome: Don’t set goals unless you plan to actually get them done. Get friends and family to hold you accountable with consequences if you don’t accomplish your goals.

5. You’ll Do Anything But Sell 

There is another type of wantrepreneur that actually innovates and builds things out, but refuses to get sales. We call this person the wantrepreneur because they’re purely an innovator and not an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur’s make business decisions to fuel their innovations. Sales is tough, but it’s the foundation of your companies success. You cannot avoid doing sales if you truly want to become an entrepreneur.

How To Overcome: There is nothing wrong with not enjoying sales. If you don’t like it, you can find other smart people to take over the business side of your company and generate the sales that you need. 


This article isn’t about putting people down, but rather about to help them discover that they’re a wantrepreneur. You must know what’s holding you back before you can propel yourself forward. 


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Persistence – Over 30% of leads are never contacted at all




Over 30% of leads are never contacted at all.
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Where Startup Capital Comes From

where start-up captial comes fromStartup Capital Sources

  • Friends and Family     $60BB
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  • Angel Investors            $20BB
  • Banks                             $14BB
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