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A Nobel prize-winning physicist identified three simple steps to mastering any subject.

Wonderful article worth sharing.  JA   A Nobel prize-winning physicist identified three simple steps to mastering any subject. Shane Parrish/Nov 29, 2016 I wasn’t always a good learner. I thought learning was all about the hours you put in. Then I discovered something that changed my life. The famous Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman understood the difference […]

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NewGate Capital Partners is dedicated to improving your business.

NewGate Capital Partners is dedicated to improving your business. Many entrepreneurs think of themselves as successful if they have formed an LLC, established their company in an office space, and possibly even reached $300,000 in monthly revenue.  These are certainly great milestones in their own right, but the business is almost surely not operating at […]

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Here’s the latest from FreshSurety Inc. 11/7/2016

FreshSurety utilizes cutting edge wireless sensing technology to reduce waste and improve fresh produce quality throughout the supply chain. We report the location, environment, and shelf life of individual fresh food cases for a few cents per case. As a result, our technology predicts the true quality of the product that conventional quality control methods […]

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Possible scenario(s) of the future of various industries

Imagine                                                                                             Change is inevitable. I imagine some of this […]

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Business ownership: A Going Concern or Start from Scratch ?

Previously we were discussing, not whether to go into business, but the decision of which method made sense for you. A chicken or egg scenario. Do you start from scratch with just an egg? An idea that has yet to hatch but holds great promise or do you purchase some chickens, a going concern that […]

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Million dollar myth: Sydney Angels co-founder Hamish Hawthorn says as little as $15,000 can get you access to an angel investment opportunity, and it’s not only grey-haired men that participate.   “MYTH: ANGEL INVESTMENT DOESN’T DELIVER RETURNS Angel business investments are certainly a high-risk area. Half of all startups, even after good screening, due diligence […]

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So You Want to be in Business, Be an Owner, Master of your Own Destiny?

I love the way my partner, Steve, goes about explaining this.   Chicken or the Egg So you want to be in business, be an owner, master of your own destiny? The age old question in the title might be worth thinking about. Should you do a start-up with an egg or should you buy […]